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Performance based Hiring focuses on the outcomes that need to be achieved by the person being hired.  It seeks out past performance results and compares them to the requirements of the position for which candidates are being sought.  It uncovers the motivation and drive of the individuals, not just their technical skills or their experience.  It determines how they think and how they solve problems.  It reveals their flexibility and how they relate to others.  It develops a picture of how they get things done.   

If people fail at their job it's usually not because of technical skills but the lack of the intrinsic drivers and soft skills needed in the job in order to succeed. Having a number of years experience is also poor indicator of performance and abilites.  What we need to determine is their ability to execute the work, their ability to make decisions and how they empower others and work with and through other people.  What their energy levels are and how persistent and determined they are at getting the work done.  We look for passion and curosity which are powerful drivers to creativity and achieving results.


Performance based hiring is a structured process that encompases the following basic steps:

  • Define the role in terms of the key performance achievement required
  • Assess the candiadte's past performance in terms of achievements
  • Determine the candidate's ability to problem solve and think
  • Evaluate the candidate's cultural drivers and fit with the organisation
  • Assess the candidate's potential to meet the performance measures required for the role
  • Understand the candidate's own uniques drivers and that these match the organisational goals
  • Ensure that the on boarding process is planned and executed to achieve success for both organisation and employee