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Our Services

Your In-Sourcing / Out-Sourcing IT Service Department Resource

What does that mean?  

That means we can help you:
    •    Measure the performance of your IT people;
    •    Work through any complex IT challenges; 
    •    Provide you with flexible engagement models to fit your budget; 
    •    Arrange user-pays models to drive continuous improvement and lower costs;
    •    Engage specialised contract staff for long or short term assistance;
    •    Supply project teams for roll-outs and targeted upgrades;
    •    Recruit highly skilled permanent staff.
And that means you can focus on your core business, not your IT hassles!

How Does That Save You Money?

Let’s start with some psychology.  When you have highly skilled specialists doing mundane work their engagement is far lower than when they are solving the complex problems they love to face.  Other people love doing routine jobs, but hate crises.  Rather than employing a full time specialist who is only needed a few days a month, and who spends most of his time feeling a little bored and disengaged,  our model allows you to have him on call when you need him.  In this scenario, everyone wins.

You save money because you only pay him when you need him.  He loves his job and makes the salary he deserves.

In today’s mobile job market this makes sense on every level!


So Let’s Look at These Factors in More Detail

What you measure, you manage:   When you measure the performance of your IT people you learn that some jobs don’t need to be done, and others need to be done better.  Often  you’ll find that your employees have suggestions that will improve their performance and make things run more smoothly.

Complex IT Challenges:  We have a specialist ready to come to you to solve them.  What’s more, he already knows your business and your needs, and he loves challenges.

Flexible Engagement Models:  Why pay specialist rates when you only need one occasionally.  Your day-to-day work can be carried out by people who enjoy doing that particular task, not by people who do it because they have to.  Yet, when you need a particular skill, that person is only a phone call away.

User-pays Model: Pay for what you use, not the whole bundle.  This means you can continually improve your systems and skills because it lowers the investment threshold.  Overall you get better outcomes at a lower cost.

Specialised Contract Staff: When you need them, they are available.  When you don’t, they are working for someone else.

Project Teams for Roll-outs and Upgrades:  Sometimes you need a short term team to accomplish a special project.  Contract the team and save the hassle of hiring permanent staff.  Your project can usually be completed faster, better, and more cheaply than by hiring staff for the occasion.

Need a Permanent Staff Member: We will find someone with the skills, personality, and characteristics to complement your team.

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