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Recruiting the right IT person for your organisation, when done well, saves you time money and improves your productivity. 


At CIS we do it well. 

Our process covers every aspect of recruitment from ensuring that the position competencies are properly defined through organisational and individual cultural matching, experience evaluation, technical skill and ability assessment, work style behavioural assessment and background checks. 

We are able to predict, through our evaluations, just how suitable a candidate is for the position and what his or her performance is likely to be in the role within the unique customer work environment.  We can do this because our process is thorough, robust and is delivered by HR certified and IT trained technical professionals. We use industry best practice tools and evaluation techniques.

When we offer personnel as 'a match' to our customers we stand behind our work and guarantee our performance.  We hold ourselves accountable, professionally and commercially, thereby reducing risk and cost to our customer.

Our core customer companies prefer our services as an agency of first choice both in Melbourne and for their organisation Australia wide.

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