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About Us

CIS Provides Comprehensive Solutions For Your IT Service and Personnel Needs 

Our clients include hospitals, government departments, manufacturing and retail companies, and telecommunications providers - essentially, large organisations where IT services underpin every aspect of their business and are critical for their performance.

In the past IT Service Departments had large budgets, and cost was often not a factor in staffing and service provisions. Today, things are different.  IT budgets are being slashed, while paradoxically, their services are more critical than ever.  People’s lives are jeopardised when Ambulance or Police service desk operators are unable to connect calls or cope with incoming requests.  Sales are lost, and even loyal customers change their habits when systems don’t work.  The front-line operators and clerks are often unfairly blamed for what can be due to an over-stretched IT Department lacking in resources.

However, increasing productivity is not just a question of finding a person with the required skills, because like everyone else, IT Service personnel do not work alone. They work in teams, within an organisation.  An individual can be a disaster in one environment (despite having the required skills), and a treasure in another performing an identical role.  Why is this?  It’s because people have personality and organisations have cultures.  At CIS we pride ourselves on finding our clients the team members who will complement your existing personnel, and truly increase your productivity - proving that 1 + 1 can equal more than 2.

We Don’t Just Find You IT Staff … We Find You Solutions.
In-Sourcing/Out-Sourcing Solutions That Save Money and Increase Productivity! 

Most clients come to us with a staffing need: ‘my Citrix specialist is leaving’ or ‘my database manager is going on maternity leave’ or ‘I need someone who can migrate our system from one version to another’.

We respond with questions.  Questions that are designed to identify their real needs.  Why?  Because you may need a different person from the one you think you need.

It all comes back to the question of change.  Your IT Service needs have changed, employment has changed, medicine has changed, and education has changed.  The most wasteful solution is often simply replacing what you've had before without thinking about whether your needs have changed … and no one can afford wasteful solutions.

So, when you come to us with a problem, we ask questions, then we design a solution that provides you with engaged and motivated staff, systems that run smoothly and get the job done, and costs that don’t keep jumping higher and higher.

How is CIS Different From Other IT Service and Personnel Providers?

It all comes back to our background in Project Management both in Australia and around the world.  In 2012, Ron van der Schalk became CEO bringing with him many years of running large construction and engineering projects all over the globe.  As an engineer and an expert in LEAN Management, he knows the power of systems, the importance of eliminating wasted effort, the urgency of focusing on core factors and the necessity of measuring everything.

At the same time, he also understands the importance of team culture, and the reality that not every person will perform well in a given situation.  This enables him to select candidates for both long-term positions and short-term project work who will be able to perform at the highest level and gain the support of those they are working with.  Any team has the visible performers, and other members who provide the ‘glue’ that holds the team together.  At first glance the ‘glue’ members may not be highly productive, but take them away - and you quickly discover how much they contribute to the total team performance.

In fact, the leadership team at CIS demonstrate the concept of how much greater the whole is than the parts.  Ron is quite open about the importance of the team's contribution to building and implementing CIS’s vision for the future, and the partnerships and systems that enable them to deliver amazing cost and productivity benefits for their clients.

In the End, It’s About Delivering Value and Helping You Reach Your Goals! 

What is your company trying to accomplish?
Where does your IT Service Department fit in?
Are you ready to look at new solutions that may work better in today’s environment?

Since 1995 CIS has been committed to providing value to its clients.  We’re like your Specialist IT HR Professional who provides both contract and permanent staff.  For the last few years we’ve been taking that commitment and value to the next level by providing ongoing In-Sourcing / Out-Sourcing arrangements for our clients and helping them save money while still having instant access to the expertise they need.

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