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Striving for Leadership in our field

We’ve been delivering outstanding IT solutions for business since 1995.  We know a great deal about matching skills with client needs and we know the importance of brilliant service.

It’s the service ethos at CIS that sets us apart. It’s a service standard we’re proud of – and prepared to stand by.
That’s why we guarantee the service we deliver.  That’s right, we guarantee our performance and reduce the commercial risk to our customers.

How can we do this?

Whether we provide services through our Programs, Contract Labour Hire, Permanent Placements or Consulting Services for projects and Roll Outs we use proven “best practice” processes to ensure that we can control and deliver our outcomes consistently while meeting agreed standards:-

  • our candidate selection process is rigorous and scientific for both contingent labour hire and permanent placement
  • we provide our placements with ongoing professional learning, development, mentoring and coaching
  • we use industry best practice tools and processes to deliver our consulting and project management services

We strive not just to be good – but to be great at what we do.  We are constantly improving our knowledge and technical skills so we can deliver a better service.