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Gateway Graduate Program

CIS offers a cutomised fully managed graduate development program that helps teams, departments and organisations to deliver their business objectives within budget maintaining productivity and overall performance.  At the same time the organisation is building capacity for the future.  The program is flexible and tailored to ensure value add to all stakeholders.


The program aims to provide the following benefits:

  • Attract people with the right basic skills and attitudes who fit into the organisational culture and direction
  • A flexible framework that develops and supports work outcomes while monitoring performance.
  • Individual training and development for graduates
  • Empowerment to excel in delivering projects that create value for the organisation

Organisations are able to select the best personnel to meet their needs in a changing business environment.  This process allows for strategic, long term talent management planning while delivering immediate business benefits.

Program Building Blocks

The Gateway process is built around four stages, each important to the subsequent step and the overall program.

Customised Consultancy 

An indepth needs analysis and understanding of the organisational culture, aspirations and current situation. Discussions will lead CIS to:

  • Understand and document key business requirements and expected outcomes
  • Confirm positions capability definitions
  • Align program framwork with graduate position descriptions.

Recruitment Engagement

CIS seeks out staff through the TalentConnect process combining science, technology and process to select the right individuals for the roles.  The selection process delivers a range of candidates to the client.

Approach includes:

  • Modified TalentConnect process
  • Panel Interviews
  • Observed Group session
  • Role specific scenario assignments

Training Plan Development

The training plan is individualised and encompasses the following aspects:

  • Relevant traing related to long term business gaols
  • Assess the graduate skills gap
  • Classify "On-the-Job" and "off-site" proactive training options
  • Develop taining plan and agree on measurements to ensure success
  • Document information into the Gateway system

Gateway Support Delivery System

It is through the Gateway system that overall performance and results are monitored.  Success will require active participation of all parties, CIS, client and graduates. The more involved the parties, the higher overall performance and productivity.

Key aspects are:

  • Activation of the performance feedback cycle
  • Align coaching with performance expectations
  • Scheduled mentor interaction points
  • Regular onsite Gateway coaching sessions and formal review process
  • Defined performance delivery framework


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