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It is not always about the technology..

When you are in charge, you need to think differently...

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Are you results focused?

Your success will be measured on what outcomes you deliver

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We are judged by the promises we keep…

Over promising on technology benefits leads to .....

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High Retention Rates

How are you assessing Level III?
How are you assessing Level III?

How you can match Jobs and People

To achieve a match between the role and the person there are three levels of assessment required.

Level I is about appearance and first impressions - most people do this in less than 2 seconds - do they look the part in our organisation?
Level II is about skills and technical ability - most people satisfy themselves that the skills are there or not - can they do the job?
Level III is about the behavioural traits and preferences and how they fit into what is required to do the job - will they do the job?

Most people do not do Level III and mismatches in this area cost companies significantly.

People are hired for skills and abilities but are fired for behaviour

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CIS designed a fully managed, custom program to align IT Personnel to the Eastern Health Service Desk environment.  The program matches talented young professionals to Service Desk positions through an in-sourced delivery...

Carlos Arribas - IT Support for Hospital staff is critical in providing ongoing health services

The CIS Graduate Program provided a framework that provided us with the necessary checks and balances to reduce the risks of hiring junior staff. With that said, it also allowed the graduate the freedom...

Guy Nicholson – General Manager, Shared Business Systems, Department of Primary Industries:

Upgrading 20 retail outlets POS system across five states in 20 days is a logistical challenge and needs close co-ordination between Adidas, the Retail Stores and CIS...

Ricky Telac - CIS was able to support POS rollout across Australia meeting all deadlines

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Why the performance review is dying out - including at companies like Apple and Microsoft

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