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We understand the modern demands on IT budgets and their constraints.  Many companies just do not have the expertise to define and determine the right solution for their needs.  Overwhelmed with a plethora of organisations offering or pushing specific products it can be difficult and time consuming to sift through the offerings and come up with the right answer for your organisation.

At CIS we bring in expertise who are system independent.  We can assist in defining the needs and the requirements and the formal evaluation process.
Additionally, we can assemble a team that can act as the Owner’s Representative to ensure proper development and roll out of the project.  We can support you technically, commercially and contractually to ensure that your risks are minimised appropriately for the right cost.

As a company, we ensure that the CIS team meets the success criteria of the customer and the incentives are structured around customer goals thereby avoiding the possibility of misaligned outcomes and costly mistakes.  In keeping with our philosophy, we will hold ourselves accountable when we apply our processes.
We are able to provide on-demand resources you can rely on. Whether it’s for a major project implementation, infrastructure upgrade or short-term advice, we can add and subtract the resources as needed.

Accountable, cost-effective and highly skilled IT professionals.

Our people understand the need to deliver value and independence giving you unbiased, timely and productive IT solutions. Our IT experts come with no strings attached. All project documentation belongs to you. We can provide legacy tools.  Training is conducted with your people. When all is working to your satisfaction we provide the final handover.  We will always have people available for support.

Our IT consultants: good for your project delivery – good for your bottom line.