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Employing the right person is all about knowing what that person is required to do.

Our first approach is to define the job.  What are the outcomes required.  What is required the first day, first week, first month and first year?  If you understand the outcomes it makes it easier to define the type of person you need.  Note, this is not about defining the person, this about defining the results and understanding if the person can achieve the results.

Too often companies are prescriptive about how people need to behave and not nearly as prescriptive on performance.  The worst companies focus almost entirely on behaviours and have no issue with the lack of performance.  The most successful organisations are all about performance.

We learn in life that there are many ways to be right.  This implies that allowing the person to achieve results in his or her own style should be part of the process.  Few companies accept this. Within the rules of integrity and correctness all organisations should allow the right amount of freedom for people to achieve results  This should be the only measure.  Not politics, not conforming to irrelevant rules, not wims or standards from a distant age..

We live in a rapidly changing environment driven by technology.  The right person can only be the person who provides the outcome the company needs.

Employ the right person by the following process:

  • Define what outcomes required
  • Look for candidates in the right places where outcomes are valued
  • Screen the candidates' past ability to deliver outcomes
  • Compare what is required to what the candidates have done
  • Ask the candidates to solve problems
  • Look for energy, passion, curiosity, ability to make decision, flexibility, compassion and commitment

The success of companies is dependent on those people who make real commitments.  These people are driven by results and success.  They adaptable and flexible.  Find nuture and support these people - they are your future.

Now you need to convince them to come on board.  Offer a compelling value proposition.