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With the interview process being a corner stone of the selection process it is vitally important to avoid the emotional factors that creep into decision making.

The main requirement is to establish an objective impartial structured process.  

This includes as a minimum the following:

  • Plan on how the interviews are conducted and by whom
  • Document a process on how the interviews are to be conducted impartially
  • Documentation covering the performance requirements and minimum skill and experience levels
  • Determine if there are technical and/or behavioural assessments required and what these may need to confirm
  • A documented objective assessment criteria focusing on evidence.
  • A recommended list of key questions 


  • Behavioural questions
  • Scenario questions

It is generally recommended that more than one person be involved in the questioning.  We recommend that all assessments be compiled and views on the candidates be suspended until they have been assessed against the criteria.
Decisions on suitability should be made in the context of proof and confirmation of performance (fact based reference checking), demonstrated abilities, cultural fit and appropriate results of other test.
The goal is to assess predominantly around objective criteria ( 85%) and the rest around emotional criteria.