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25 Feb

IT Support is critical to Health Care in Hospitals. Responsiveness, accuracy and service continuity is paramount. It all adds to a high pressure environment for the IT Staff. Read how CIS assisted Eastern Health develop an in-source solution model.

Eastern Health

Our Client:

Eastern Health provides, on an inpatient and out-patient basis, a range of high quality acute, sub-acute, palliative care, mental health, drug and alcohol, residential care and community health services to communities that are diverse in culture, age and socio-economic status.  These services and programs are supported by staff who have an unparalleled commitment to patient care and are supported by a complex Information Technology environment.
Continuity is paramount in health services and this requirement flows through to the IT department as an enabler of this incredibly important work.

The problem:

IT Service Desks are high pressure, fast paced environments in any industry but in health the stakes are higher than most.  Staff must remain calm, compassionate and be able to resolve technical issues in a responsive and resourceful way. 

The cost can be high and the pressure on these support staff creates burnout.  Staff absenteeism can be high and the costs to maintain support can escalate.  Knowledge retention can also be an issue due to high staff turn-over as people move into more specialised IT teams. This once again leads to a disruption of continuity in service.  

Due to the complexity, diversity and unique service demands on the Eastern Health IT environment; Outsourcing to low cost centers is simply not a viable solution. 

The Solution:

CIS designed a fully managed, custom program to align IT Graduates to the Eastern Health Service Desk environment.  The program matches these talented young professionals to Service Desk positions through an in-sourced delivery model. 

CIS has developed a success profile for this environment that defines educational level, personality, resilience, individual and work-style traits which results in a high retention and performance factor for this type of work.  
We use our industry leading recruitment and skill assessment processes to select and induct the right people for the Eastern Health environment.
We customize our delivery assurance system, GATEWAYS, to effectively administer, manage, support and measure the program.  

The combination of effective recruitment and ongoing management has resulted in:  

•    Increased Service Continuity and Service Levels 
•    Increased Productivity and Staff engagement
•    Reduced Management Cost 

Since its inception in 2009, this model of support has been recognized by the Eastern Health Organisation through a number of awards in service excellence.