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03 Feb

We all spend some time reflecting on our careers and where we are going.  Some of us have a clear view of the way forward and are working on this – looking forward to progress in the coming year.

Others are happy to go with the flow, viewing the year ahead as offering surprises and opportunities that could not have been planned.
Both strategies have their pros and cons.   Some may say that going with the flow is the least rewarding in terms of career advancement and they could be right.  However, I have seen people move from job to job gaining valuable experience in a range of skills until they finally focus on what they really want to do in their career. 

In addition, these people can draw on a range of experiences that stand them in good stead in many jobs.  However, it is predicated on you doing different jobs not just the same one.
The last thing you want is have the same one years’ experience for 10 years.
Perhaps the most important aspect of any career, or any job for that matter, is continued learning.  This should be one of both formal and on the job learning.  If you don’t know what you should be learning I would suggest that you follow your curious nature. Follow the path that it leads you.  Even if that path is not entirely work related.  After all your curiosity will suggest what you are interested in and from this new opportunities may arise.

So as you move into 2019, let’s look at some of the key attributes of people who have succeeded.  These are applicable no matter what your view of success is because essentially you are moving from a present state to a future state.

 1.     Think big: Key message here is be ambitious.  Make it worthy.
 2.     Your passion: Find what you love to do and do it.
 3.     Balance: Learn to balance work and life.
 4.     Failure: Don’t be afraid of failure because through failure we learn.
 5.     Be unwavering: In your resolution to be successful in your endeavours.
 6.     Action:  Be a person of action.  Nothing is done with it; good or bad.
 7.     Conflict: Avoid this as it kills careers and hinders progress.
 8.     New Ideas: Always introduce new ideas – don’t be afraid.
 9.     Believe: In your capacity to succeed.
 10.   Attitude: Always have a positive mental attitude for you and others.
 11.    Discouragement: Is part of the journey so don’t let it stop you.
 12.    Work Hard: Be willing to put in the effort.  Some say the difference is in the level of effort.
 13.    Intuition: Be brave enough to follow your intuition.

I will end with some practical steps on how to approach your activities:

  •   Work only goals that matter
  •    Use Eisenhower Box to organise your work
  •    Learn to earn more
  •    Navigate power – be a prince
  •    Focus on results rather than time
  •    Exploit all your benefits
  •    Give time and attention to your network; relationships matter
  •    Keep your health: poor health is bad for careers and life in general
  •    Develop conflict management skills – a must to avoid conflict which kills careers

Hope these tips give you food for thought in looking at where you’re going and what you want to achieve in the year ahead.