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24 Jun

Since the coming of the internet, the number and type of new jobs has been mind-blowing. 

They have been different to anything we could have predicted, and what new jobs will develop in the future we can only imagine.

In an interesting article by Arturo Vicarioli, he reflects on a report by Cognizant on the types of new jobs possible in the near future.   The article is reproduced here below.  I find these interesting and thought provoking… and just a little exciting about what might be!

Have you ever considered how rapid advances in robotics, AI, and biotech will affect "work" soon? According to the World Economic Forum, most children today will end up working in new job types that don’t even exist yet.
A recent report by Cognizant explores tech trends and proposes a few possible jobs from a future that may be only 10-15 years away. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Data Detective - will generate meaningful business answers and recommendations from the investigation of data generated by Internet of Things end points, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, next-gen fog, mesh, etc.

2. Ethical Sourcing Officer - will investigate, track, negotiate and forge agreement around the automated provisioning of goods and  services to ensure contractual alignment with the ethical wishes of our stakeholders.
Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager - will enable sales and solution architects with a specific customer-centric AI value proposition and will directly interface with product management and development teams regarding customer and partner requirements.

3. Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager - will enable sales and solution architects with a specific customer-centric AI value proposition and will directly interface with product management and development teams regarding customer and partner requirements.

4. Master of Edge Computing - will design and develop the hardware and software, overhaul the existing network infrastructure for reliability, efficiency and latency, and balance load-shifting across the network and interconnecting networks. In addition, the MoEC will establish the cloud-edge relationship by differentiating which types of data should be stored where, ensure the scalability of the solution and address geographical challenges for the edge (metro vs. semi-urban vs. rural and for mobile devices).

5. Walker/Talker - In this technology-rich era, people are living longer, as a result, there is a pressing need for the elderly to have conversational companions in the comfort of their own home and, for our more mobile customers, a person to walk and talk with.

6. Fitness Commitment Counsellor - will help patients stay abreast of best practices and fitness hacks, including personalized three-minute learning exercises, suggestions for outdoor “play spaces” and techniques for calibrating patient preferences to boost optimal engagement levels.

7. AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician - will be on the road and in surgery to examine, diagnose, administer and prescribe appropriate treatment to patients, aided by cutting-edge AI technology and remotely accessible doctors.

8. Cyber City Analyst - will carry out the necessary repairs when automated data flows are broken, faulty or hacked. This role will troubleshoot equipment issues, diagnose faults and replace components and circuitry, from the smallest sensors placed on the city’s biotracking beehives, to the powerful data tools located at the city’s data hub.

9. Man-Machine Teaming Manager - The key task for this role is developing an interaction system through which humans and machines mutually communicate their capabilities, goals and intentions, and devising a task planning system for human-machine collaboration.

10. Financial Wellness Coach - will provide personalized coaching sessions to help customers understand their monetary activity and improve their financial acumen regarding digital banking, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, micro-lending and robo-advising.

11. Digital Tailor - will work with customers to ensure clothing items ordered online fit perfectly before being delivered. This role will walk the customer through a short measurement process, ensure that all the required measurements are captured correctly, and upload them into the central cloud-based ordering system.

12. Quantum Machine Learning Analyst - Individuals in this role will research and develop next-generation solutions by integrating the disciplines of quantum information processing with machine learning. QML analysts will apply quantum technologies to improve the speed and performance of learning algorithms and address real-world business problems in the fastest time possible.

13. Personal Data Broker - Will monitor and trade in all forms of personal data that a client creates from his/her micro data feeds, streaming preferences to platform data. Other responsibilities include seeking out ways to maximize income from data on the national and international data exchanges; pricing and submitting new offers to market; tracking and consolidating new data issues (from API requests to micro data feeds); and helping clients understand and maximize their data income streams through advice and support.

14. Augmented Reality Journey Builder - will collaborate with talented engineering leads and technical artists to create the essential elements for customers to move through an augmented reality experience of place, space and time. This includes the setting, mood, historical time, information, tone, characters and suggested things or experiences to buy, as well as the application of clients’ favourite games, sports teams, music and cinematic style.

15. Highway Controller - will monitor, regulate, plan and manipulate air and road space, monitoring and programming the automated AI platforms used for space management of autonomous cars and drones.

“To imagine that some jobs won’t go away due to automation, AI and intelligent machines is to engage in magical thinking. To conclude that many new jobs won’t appear due to automation, AI and intelligent machines is to fall prey to a simple lack of imagination.” Malcolm Frank

Innovation changes the way we work and upgrades all aspects of society, but work itself, will never go away. We must consider that the nature of work has changed throughout time, and that technology solves problems, but it also creates new ones.