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12 Dec

For all companies getting the right talent is critical to long term success.

The talent you need will vary depending on the work and the environment. Assessing technical skills is the easy part – but it, as research shows, will not tell you if this person is talented and will do a good job in your organisation.

People fail because they don’t fit into the team, the group, the company and for a variety of reasons.

You can avoid this by doing this one key thing before you start looking for Talent - define what type of person you need!

We recommend that our customers do a Job Survey to define the characteristics of the role they wish to fill.

This can be done by using an online questionnaire and having the managers define the requirements or using high performers in the team to model their unique approach to the role.

The Job Survey will map out the preferred characteristics that will deliver superior performance. This is like a road map to success. Now you know what to look for.

Just imagine the time and effort you will save by having a model for each of your critical roles. The McQuaig Job Survey not only saves you time and effort but also assists with resume screening guidelines. You will be able to hone in on the right person more quickly and, with the right framework, take out guesswork and dramatically increase your success rate.

We are offering you a free on line McQuaig Job Survey so that you can see first-hand how this will help you find the right talent to meet your needs.

Click HERE for your free McQuaig Job Survey. Helping you define the talent you need for your organisation.